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3-Burner Wok Range
7-Burner Wok Range
2-Burner Wok Range
One Wok One Water Pot
2-Burner Wok Range
Two-Burner Stock Cooker
2-Burner Low Stock Cooker
1-Burner Noodle Cooker
1-Burner Wok Range
1-Burner Wok Range
1-Burner Noodle Cooker(6 holes)
1-Burner Noodle Cooker(9 holes)
BBQ Oven

There are many kinds of style wok range and cooker for chinese restaurants. We can fabricate all the equipment as list above. Also, we can make any size, any works related these ranges and cookers. We proud of our jobs, and all appliances have been approved by BC Safety Authority.

Range Styles

Regular Wok Range

​​From single burner to seven burner, such as Noodle Cooker, Stock Cooker and Water Pot. 

Powerful Wok Range

​​From single burner to three burner. For example, chinese style wok range is suitable for high volume chinese restaurants.

Combined Type Wok Range

​​From two burner to seven burner, combined with regular style range and powerful style range.

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